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    Posted In: Dan Snyder: Redskins Will Never Change Name

    by , 05-20-13 at 01:36 PM
    Okay, I think I have a way to tie this together with the main thread:

    The problem with the disparate views we have between us here is showing exactly why some people think the name could change. Just like some people here, they see something on a local, personal knowledge level that they are extrapolating out to use on society as a whole.

    The people that want the name changed see, in their world, that Redskins must be horribly offensive, and everybody must feel the same ...

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    Posted In: Skins Quotes: Bruce Allen/M. Shanahan

    by , 03-12-13 at 03:16 PM
    Judging by the way Mike and Bruce responded, it's safe to say that the 2013 draft will be one of the most pivotal and crucial in recent memory for this team.

    We cried in the past over and over about how this team could never find middle round draft choices who could make contributions on the field.

    Coincidentally, those mid-round choices this year are the ones we definitely have to hit it out of the park with judging by the cap situation that stares us in the face ...

  3. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    Posted In: We could be playing in the Super Bowl this year

    by , 01-24-13 at 07:53 AM
    I think we actually had 3 key injuries total.

    On offense, RT Brown.
    Without Brown, Polumbus was the most inconsistent and least competent lineman out of the whole O-line bunch. He gave up the most sacks, hurries, and had the most missed assignments per pro football statistics. Kory Lichtensteiger was not that far behind him; I believe Kory had the most penalties of the entire O-line but that is a different story.

    Many people have said the loss of Fred ...

  4. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    A Falcon's fans perspective on the Skins WC game and offseason

    by , 01-18-13 at 10:59 PM
    So after our gut-wrenching win, I figured that would share my thoughts with you guys on last weeks game and the Skins off season. So, without further adieu:

    - Montgomery's botched snaps aside, offensive line played very well in run blocking and bootleg protection. Lichtensteiger seemed to struggle a little holding the pocket together, especially after RGIII's knee started bothering him in the 2nd quarter. His ankle was hurting and it showed.

    - It goes without saying, ...

  5. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    Winning cures all ills

    by , 01-14-13 at 11:33 AM
    Ok, now that Griffin's injury situation has been talked to death and the Seahawks are out of the playoffs I thought I'd lighten things up a bit around here.

    I know we are all holding our collective breaths about our star player, but regardless of what happens with him this season has been a wild success. I will now tell you why.

    We had Thanksgiving at my parents' house this year. Because the Redskins were playing, my mother had accepted the fact that we would all be ...

  6. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    Washington "Griffins" - Reality Check

    by , 01-07-13 at 11:09 PM
    I'm disheartened. I'm numb. I'm at a loss for words at what transpired yesterday.

    In the heat of battle yesterday, our beloved organization lost sight of an incredibly important fact - that being that the game of football is the ultimate TEAM game.

    After having some time to reflect and digest, what I feel quite confident in saying is the following at this point...

    1. For the first time as a Redskin, Robert Griffin perceived himself to be bigger ...

  7. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    Forging Steel

    by , 01-01-13 at 02:34 PM
    How do you take a young team and make them battle tested in a hurry. Play seven playoff games in a row. Tell them they have to focus and if they lose a single one of them they are done. Take their grit, determination, and pride and tell them at 3-6 that it's time to evaluate because you don't care that we are down Davis, Orakpo, Carriker, Merriweather, or that John "F" Mara screwed the team over for two years and that everyone is being evaluated to see if they are a winner. Find a rookie ...

  8. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    The week before Dallas

    by , 12-24-12 at 06:23 AM
    Twas the week before Dallas, when all through the land
    It was plain to the world, Robert Griffin is the man.
    The stockings donít always match, but what do I care,
    This young quarterback plays with spectacular flare.

    Just seven weeks ago, people left us for dead,
    With visions of next season in Shanahans head.
    And mamma the Giants fan, talkin lots of smack,
    Had my beloved Redskins slated for the dirt nap.

    When out on the field ...

  9. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    Posted In: When is it OK to believe...I mean REALLY believe?

    by , 12-18-12 at 06:06 PM
    We're not done rebuilding yet, but look at where we are:

    We have a QB. He's 22 and a rookie. We drafted him.
    We have a RB. He's 24 and a rookie. We drafted him.
    We have a legitimate #1 WR. He's 26.
    We have two guys competing for the #2WR spot. One is 27.
    The other is 23. We drafted him.
    Behind them is a guy averaging 21.5 yards a catch. He's 25. We drafted him.
    We have a TE. He's 26. We drafted him.
    His backup has started half the season. He's ...

  10. Member Written, Nominated & Published

    When is it OK to believe...I mean REALLY believe?

    by , 12-17-12 at 12:41 PM
    There's no denying that this team just has a completely different feel to it. I think we're all beginning to feel that old-Redskins expectation of winning. But when is it OK to let go? To let go of the past two decades, and truly believe in this corps of Skins?

    Was it when we mudhole stomped the Eagles? Was it when we ground out (literally and figuratively) a one-point win over the defending champs? Was it when we ran in our backup rookie quarterback and second-half whooped on a team ...
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