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Laron Landry and Brian Orakpo: Faces of Organizational Failure

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The Redskins seem to be the only team in the NFL that draft talented players and then asks them to play out of position, thereby limiting the impact they are going to have on the team.

And what seems really incongruous to me is that the Redskins make these decisions without having all-pro level performers at the positions these players would naturally line up to perform at for the team.

Laron Landry and Brian Orakpo both need to be rescued.

Landry was drafted as and projected to be a SS. Because of Sean Taylor's tragic demise Landry was switched to FS, a move most thought would be temporary until Washington could draft, trade or sign a legitimate FS. Here we are 3 years later and Landry is still playing 20 yards off the ball and people are still asking why Laron has not played up to the potential of a former #6 overall draft choice?

Brian Orakpo is the second major case in point. At 6'4 and 263 Orakpo is big enough to play DE in the 4-3. A rotation with PD on the run downs to get Brian acclimated to the NFL might still have been in order. But the move to OLB now has #98 playing a very tentative game. He shows flashes of speed and athletic ability but his instincts are not really being honed at the position where he is going to make his bread and butter in the NFL.

I know where he played at Texas, but in the end result Orakpo looks and plays like a RDE. He is a pass rusher not a physical run stopper like Daniels or Wynn in their primes, both of whom went 280-290.

So, who does that leave out in the rain? Andre Carter.

Carter is 30 years old and had as many sacks in 16 games in 2008 as Ware did for the Cowboys in a SINGLE game.

why are we protecting Carter at the cost of developing #98, who is going to be here years after Carter is sitting in a rocking chair collecting his pension.

Carter has not made a compelling case for himself on the field. Yes, he is lauded by the coaches for being in shape and prepared to play.

But in the end result you not only have to prepare well but you have to play well

Given the club's 1-2 start and where this team seems to be headed in putting forth poorer performances with each passing week, one can start to look at the future beyond 2009 and it is not a bright one here.

Except in a few cases where the club did manage to draft to sign capable players who have that extra dimension of talent that sets them apart.

It's a shame for those players they aren't being used properly in the sorry, unproductive systems the team is running.

The same can be said for Malcolm Kelly, who is nowhere to be found on the field in the red zone despite being the only receiver in the top 3 that can create a real mismatch in the end zone.

How many catches does #12 have so far in 3 games after being named a 'starter' by Zorn?

How many times has Campbell actually thrown the ball his way?

Yep, there is some talent out there but it seems to be rusting on the vine.

Guess this is going to be up to Mike Shanahan to fix.
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